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  • ogloui:

    Newly released LouiVon track titled “Played Out” which will slay on Loui’s upcoming EP Purple Ice EP 2 releasing September 13th.

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  • lupusluxe:

    A decorated R for Rose x #lettering

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  • thecomicsvault:

    RADIOACTIVE MAN #679 (Jan. 1986)
    Art by Tim Bavington (pencils), Bill Morrison (inks) & Cindy Vance (colors)
    Words by Steve Vance

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  • ronartist:

    Some looping GIFs by Chris Edser for the NO EASY BUCKETS community court fundraiser in Memphis organised by Double Scribble. The exhibition opened this weekend.

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  • talibkweli:

    Shout out to Kay Foxx and the Beat Box in MIami! Stopped by with @nikohigh the other day….